Happy Anniversary, Eddie!

Thank you for 30 years and counting with Katzman.
December 21, 2021


30 years? Really? Wow! It feels like just a couple of years ago when we were working together on Row A writing our orders in a book (no computers), picking up landlines (no cell phones), collecting the money from the customers because we had no cashiers, standing because we had no chairs, and fighting to put the heat on because I would say, ‘if you’re working, you won’t be cold.’ Remember when our Friday inventory was taken on a small 4” x 2” call card and there was room for notes? Remember stacking whatever was left in inventory on the floor Friday morning and stopping people to make sure we sold every last box? We had no trucks, no cashiers and very little refrigeration. When we would ask Harold Katzman where he wanted us to put the product, his answer was simple: “Merchandise belongs on customers trucks.” Greg Conlon was our foreman and now look at us, we are the three of oldest tenured people besides Sal (R.I.P.) and Stephen Katzman.

The experiences, the people, the lessons, and the market all taught us how to deal with anything that life can give us, both inside and outside of work. It made us stronger and gave us the fortitude to fight, learn, grow, and conquer every day. Our immediate and extended families stood by our side day and night to get us to this point. Although no one person took Katzman to where it is today, everyone here and gone can take a little credit. As a family we all took it to where it is now.

Wishing you many more years of health and happiness and thank you from all of us for being one of the original pillars of this great company for 30 years.